Friday, July 6, 2018

Risks in Orthodontic Treatment You Should Know

Orthodontics has the potential to cause significant damage to hard and soft tissues. The most important aspect of orthodontic care is to have an extremely high standard of oral hygiene before and during orthodontic treatment. It is also essential that any carious lesions are dealt with before any active treatment starts. Root resorption is a common complication during orthodontic treatment but there is some evidence that once appliances are removed this resorption stops. Some of the risk pointers for root resorption are summarised. Soft tissue damage includes that caused by archwires but also the more harrowing potential for headgears to cause damage to eyes. It is essential that adequate safety measures are included with this type of treatment.
Key points

Before any active orthodontic treatment is considered it is essential that the oral hygiene is of a high standard and that all carious leions have been dealt with

Arch wires, headgears and brackets themselves may cause significant damage either during an active phase of treatment or during debonding. Much care needs to be taken when instructing patients about their role in orthodontic treatment

The aim of this section is to outline potential risks in orthodontic treatment and to give examples. There are also a number of illustrations to help highlight these points


Who needs orthodontics?

Patient assessment and examination I

Patient assessment and examination II

Treatment planning

Appliance choices

Risks in orthodontic treatment

Fact and fantasy in orthodontics

Extractions in orthodontics

Anchorage control and distal movement

Impacted teeth

Orthodontic tooth movement

Combined orthodontic treatment


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