Friday, June 5, 2020

GREELOY External Aerosol Suction VS Vortex Extraoral Dental Suction Unit

GREELOY Exter Oral Surgical Aerosol Suction Unit GS-E1000

GREELOY External Dental Clinic Oral Aerosol Suction Unit UV-C Irradiation+ Plasma Sterilization GS-E1000

1.Double active carbon+HEPA high precision filter, 4 quadruple filtering
2.UV-C Irradiation+ Plasma sterilization(feature fuction)--Easily solve harmful substances such as air-liquid droplets, aerosols, cutting dust and odors in clinic or laboratory, greatly reduce the risk of cross infection between doctors and patients, protect respiratory health.
3.Segmented Rotary Arm--Grips that can adjust your desired position is removable, you may adjust direction freely.Strong suction power, equip with wide-mouth suction hood, collect the harmful dusts immediately at the source of your mouth, and suction efficiency can reach 97%.
4.HEPA + Activated carbon Filtration--Two sets of actived carbon+HEPA high precision filter,filtration efficiency up to 99.99%.
5.High-end touch panel--Intelligent CNC panel, full touch buttons, you can adjust the working output power with only just one clicks; digital dial displays operating conditions, it is easy and convenient.

Vortex Extraoral Dental Suction Unit

Basic principle of extraoral suction
Suction: With strong suction vacuum pressure and high air suction flow rate, the aerosol droplets between the doctor and staff and the patients is sucked into the machine through the adjustable positioning arm, and discharged after thorough purification.
Disinfection: The aerosol entering the machine is filtered through HEPA filter and then sterilized by ultraviolet rays. The air is then discharged after a high charged plasma
sterilization and purification.

4 Stages of disinfection ensure clean air!
Primary filter
UV Light
HEPA Filter

Strong suction pump, large flow, high vacuum, long performance life.
Excellent heat dissipation performance, can work continuously for more than 4 hours.
Negative pressure could be regulated according to the clinical need by stepless adjusting knob.
Ergonomic design does not get in you way while still providing effective removal of droplets.
Low noise, noise level hardly increases when work with ultrasonic scaler, handpiece etc.

In fact, each one have their advanges,  extra oral surgical suction machine is more cost-effective for most dental practice. You can make a chooice depend on your demand and budget.

Some Knowledge on Reducing External Aerosols for Dental Practice


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