Saturday, July 14, 2018

Risks and complications in orthodontic treatment

Toothache, occasional discomfort or pressure on the teeth
When beginning orthodontic treatment and after the each inspection, you may feel unpleasant pressure on your teeth, toothache, or just discomfort. It depends on the individual and on their pain threshold.

Scratches and bruises
Also, at the beginning of orthodontic treatment, scratches  and bruises may appear on the mucosa, generally caused by a fixed device. In such cases, orthodontic protective wax is employed. Such complaints are temporary and tend to arise over the first 5-7 days after beginning treatment. Later, the mucosa adapts to the braces and the abrasions disappear.

Risks and complications in orthodontic treatment

White spots on the surface of the teeth
This complication is caused by long-term bad oral hygiene. White patches appear around the brackets. The enamel beneath the brackets remains undamaged. A coating built up on the surface of the enamel causes demineralisation. This occurs due to harmful bacteria which break down leftover food around the brackets into acids. The acids eat into the enamel resulting in demineralisation.

This is a stage preceding tooth decay.
If this complication arises and repeated instruction on oral hygiene and visits to a dental hygienist have no effect, the doctor reserves the right to premature termination of treatment. The priority is a healthy set of teeth and only afterwards a straight set.

Gum infection - gingivitis
Insufficient oral hygiene can lead to gum infection. This infection can complicate treatment by meaning slower tooth movement and so treatment is slowed and sometimes leads to irreversible damage to the teeth’s supporting tissues.

Tooth root resorption
Some patients have a tendency to the occurrence of resorption. In practice this means that the teeth’s roots get shorter. This complication however does not shorten the lifespan of teeth.

Relapse of orthodontic defects
Every orthodontic treatment has a tendency to relapse, i.e. the teeth return to their original position. We prevent this by using retention devices and retainers. Retention devices are laboratory products made to fit your teeth exactly.

Retainers are wires which are stuck to the back surface of your teeth to maintain their position. This phase is very important for orthodontic treatment.


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