Wednesday, January 15, 2020

How to choose a cone beam for your dental practice?

What type of cone beam to choose?

These are the criteria to take into account when choosing your CBCT or Cone-Beam:

Type of image sensor
The image dental digital X-ray sensors can use the image intensification technique which, thanks to its high sensitivity to light, allows working with low doses of X-rays. However, this type of sensor can be relatively bulky and can generate distortions that must be corrected by the software, thus generating a longer computation time. Flat sensors work just like your phone's camera sensors.

High Resolution Digital USB Type Dental X Ray Sensor Rvg HDR 500

X-ray tube
When it comes to panoramics, the choice of X-ray tube is still very important - you'll have to look at the engine, its characteristics and its power supply

Beyond the possible resolution of the image (counting in pixels for panoramas and voxels for 3D radio), you will have to look at the gray levels through the number of cryptage bits. This setting is important because a wide range of gray levels can differentiate tissues to isolate them.

Image Monitor

Finally, don't forget to see the resolution and quality of your image monitor. Thanks to it you will be able to consult the radiography and deduce the diagnosis, so its quality is paramount.

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