Thursday, May 24, 2018

How does the dental x-ray technology affect nowadays life

Not all dentist offices are created equal. In fact, there can be a wide discrepancy in the quality of treatment patients receive, particularly if a dental office doesn’t invest in the latest technology. Because providing exceptional patient care is our primary concern at oyodental, we aim to offer the latest technological advances in the field of dentistry. To that end, we’re pleased to use 3D dental x-ray technology on our patients. The digital dental x-ray will offer a long list of advantages over the conventional x-ray no wonder more and more dentists are choosing a portable dental x ray unit. By going digital the doctors can offer their patients with expert, top-notch treatments as well as augment the efficiency of their office thereby saving money and time. It will help in facilitating communication with patients and other practitioners. In the case of digital images, they will be available right away to view. Since it uses current technology this becomes easy to improve, enlarge and refine the images of the x-ray. 

portable dental x ray unit

The best part is the contrast, color and brightness of the x-ray can be adjusted nicely devoid of the need to re-expose the patient again for another film. Now patients are capable of viewing the x-rays right away on the screens of the  placed in each operatory. Besides the digital images can be sent to other physicians within a few minutes. Selection of a dental delivery system is critical in achieving optimal operatory functionality. Among the configurations available are chair-mounted, base-mounted and portable, with chair and base-mounted units available as rear, side, over-the-patient, or over-the-head systems. Rear-delivery systems keep equipment out of patients’ view, are the least expensive way to connect to utilities, and tend to be more ergonomic for 4- versus 2-handed dentistry. The control panels used in the dental chair have undergone various amendments by different brands of manufacturers. The most commonly included control parameters include chair position, operating light intensity adjustment, water spray control and speed control for the pneumatic or electric motor.
portable dental x rays machine

The device is manufactured by oyodental. Emergency testing of the product by the Health Protection Agency and scientists at King's College Hospital in London revealed that it has insufficient lead shielding inside it to protect dentists and patients from excessive radiation. The portable dental X ray considered a new dental item that has been introduced recently to the dental market. From that critical point, our oyodental team has the leading research experts that is inspecting each internal part of the portable x ray and make sure that the amount of lead wrapping is following the international standard to prevent any amount of radiation leakage. Dental x-rays are safe. Any kind of x-ray requires radiation, but with dental x-rays, the amount of radiation is very small.


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