Monday, November 7, 2016

To Help You Make the Dental Handpiece More Profitable

The dental appointment always comes at the wrong time, it's an unfamiliar environment that potentially can cause pain, and potentially your insurance company (if there is any) doesn’t cover all the costs.  Part of being a successful business owner is recognizing obstacles by appealing to all your patients. Then what should you do to make your dental practice more profitable?

1. Be Organized and On Time: No one likes to wait, especially in a dentist office.  In today’s society, everyone is busy, so respecting your patients' schedules will go a long way. If your appointments start stacking up, then a simple courtesy phone call or text alerting your patients of a delay will display your office professionalism and your respect towards their schedules. 

2. Make sure your appointment time frame is realistic and your team is preforming within the allot timeframe. A typical hygienist appointment should run no longer than an hour, so scheduling appointments for the amount on staff and staggering appointments will ensure a smooth workflow and no empty folding dental chairs.  This will help maximize your patient load and increase your revenue.

3. Maximize Your Team: Let’s face it, employees are an expense but you can’t do it without them. The hygienists are the ones who spend the most time with the patients, and they know the working of the practice and set the tone when dealing with the patients. Happy employees will go above and beyond the call of duty by ensuring the demands of the patients are met.

4. Don’t Let Them Get Away: Pre-scheduling appointments is good business practice.  Having the front-desk personnel pre-schedule future appointments fills the books and overcomes the challenge of forgetting to schedule the next appointment. 

5. May the Enforcer Be With You: When cancellations occur (and you know they will) you lose money; it’s that simple.   Making sure your appointment books stay full is a tricky job at best. Make sure your front desk personnel knows your policies on cancellations and they are enforced.  Additionally, posting your cancellation policies in conspicuous places around your offices will alleviate any miscommunication between you and your patients. 

6. Top of Mind Awareness: Top of mind awareness is a very powerful marketing concept. Ever notice that most restaurants love to provide doggie bags to all customers, and some even have their logo printed on the bag. This is a brilliant marketing concept that restaurants figured out a long time ago. They want their customers to think of them when they eat those leftovers from the doggie bag.

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